Digital Product Innovation

Kintic is at the forefront when it comes to adopting the latest technologies for digital product development opportunities.  We are venturing into virtual, augmented or mixed reality, with a focus on animated content and product development.

The Internet of Things opens a world of possibilities for connecting people directly with their lifestyle and environment.  Kintic can help your organisation develop new digital products utilising IoT data from customers, suppliers or other sources driving innovation that takes your enterprise into the digital future.

We combine extensive skills in big data analytics and over 20 years experience in web and mobile app development to ensure whatever leading edge product you’re after is brought to market rapidly and fit for market.

Contact Kintic today to discuss the potential for VR, AR or IoT in your business.

Mixed Realities

Virtual, augmented and mixed/holographic reality have the potential to transform your business or create innovative new products.  At Kintic we can create your virtual content for VR, AR or mixed reality platforms including 2-D and 3-D modelling and animations.  Of course we also understand the latest technologies and headset options and can build every facet of the virtual or augmented reality solution you are looking for.  Get in touch today.

BioDigital Health Platform

Kintic is committed to the implementation of BioDigital Health solutions combining traditional web and mobile solutions with IoT technology, machine learning and advanced data analytics – delivering cutting-edge approaches to health service delivery.

Our current project ‘Bene‘ leverages a unique health service platform comprising social media and IoT data to enhance health outcomes.  Call us to learn more about our digital health platform.

We Build Creative Digital Solutions
at the forefront of new technology
from Virtual and Augmented Reality to IoT

Kintic is proud to be a top 10 finalist in the 2016 Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Bytes4Health Grant program.